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    I am running 3 monitors and would like to know how to add a 3rd party VC to an aircraft that does not have one in FSX. It looks like its not just adjusting the panel and gauge folders like with the 2D cockpits. What else needs to be done for the VC to work?

    Thanks so much

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    Is the plane an FSX native?

    Open the .mdl file with Notepad. It may take a minute to load.

    At the top look for MDLXMDLH. This indicates the model is FSX native

    If instead, you find MDL8MDLH you have a pre-FSX model and you are out of luck.

    If you do have an FSX native model, now you need to find an FSX native VC to borrow.

    No need in posting more until you sort out the above.

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    Wow that's interesting, never knew that. Unfortunately, the couple of planes I was looking into were the MDL8MDLH. So I need to find one that says MDLXMDLH?


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    Hello Stringbean I have few models without VC which have on top of the .mdl file the "MDLXMDLH". So it should be possible to add a VC here. Could you help me with it? Thank you very much.

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