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Thread: Seeking for Falcon 4.0 (1998) missions (TE)

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    Default Seeking for Falcon 4.0 (1998) missions (TE)

    Hi to everyone. I am looking for missions (tactical engagements) made by users for the original FALCOn 4.0 by Microprose,
    patched with us1.08. I know (and usally fly) all other versions of Falcon, but i am yet "in love" with this software since
    almost 20 years.

    I found a few sites, american most of all, with some missions for donwload. I have some missions collected by myself along
    this years. If some user have TEs from different sites or even made by himself , I would be very grateful if he doesn't mind
    contacting me or writting on this thread.

    Of course i offer my collection to everyone, being aware of the high level of perfomance of BMS and other improves, i know
    some pilots still enjoy flying the old Falcon. TEs made for this are, in my opinon, almost museum pieces with high value.

    Thanks to all

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    Give a try to, there are some old missions dated from 1998 until 2000 when Falcon 4 was still a young and full of bugs simulator. Today is a master piece and evolving. ;-)

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    Thanks bugout, i'll do it. Are u interested in that kind of missions?

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    You are welcome. Not now because after 15 years playing with Falcon I know how to create missions by myself. Even more, now that I am a major, command force me to perform a lot o DNIF (Duty Not in Flight). You know, with time comes responsibility eheh.

    anyway, remember there is the BMS community to get something fresh.


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    Hi Ace! I agree with you. That old Falcon 4.0 was/is a beaut! I still fly it from time to time and still enjoy it, though I'm getting on and my reflexes aren't what they once were, it's still a lot of fun.

    Good luck with your mission search.


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