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Thread: Landing in Kai Tak Video

  1. Thumbs up Landing in Kai Tak Video


    Would've been awesome if you would like to check out my new video and give me some feedback.

    Thanks in advance!

    Daniel Pilot
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    I'm not impressed. Try it unedited in a 747.

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    Not bad, but a few view changes would have made it more interesting! Also posting in the "Flight Video Forum" would be more appropriate.
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    Thanks for the feedback!
    There's none edits used in this video. It's recorded with Fraps then I uploaded it without rework. Will try 747 now right a way!
    As I said thank you for the feedback, appreciate it!


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    Nice Land!
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    Better than I could do....

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    Thanks guys!

    Glad you liked it!

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    My landing with an 747-400 at Kai Tak with some passenger views etc is now on youtube! Check it out

    Ps: Landing was pretty hard but it was fine I guess
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