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    Question Vmax 787

    I am looking for a good long hual aircraft. i have been told that VMAX is pretty good but have heard some appualing things about their 777. For example i was told that their 777 looks like a bird running down the runway flapping its wings. From what i have read and seen on youtube the VMAX 787 seems to be very good for its price. Does it have AT and the Auto Land function?

    Is there any other long hual aircraft out there like the A380?


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    I briefly tested the 787 and it's a good aircraft, though I didn't test it's autoland features (I hate autolanding).

    The 777 is probably one of the best aircraft for XP, but it's not on the level of the PMDG yet. Nevertheless, their 757 is probably more detailed than any PMDG aircraft

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