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Thread: settings needed after reinstall

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    Default settings needed after reinstall

    Some time back I was able to get my airspeed and epr bugs placed where I wanted them through the cfg file. After doing a recent reinstall, I'm able to find the speed bugs but the epr bug settings I can't seem to find. Also since reinstalling, the flight director is on and the auto pilot is in the aux nav position after the 727 initially loads. I'd like to know how I can turn those two functions off for initial start-up. I don't want either of them on before the airplane loads.

    I'd just like to add that I hope the folks who help put this DF 727 together are reading this. The performance and settings on this plane could not have been done better. Unlike other 727's on the market, this is a very realistic model. You guys must have had quite a few technical advisers involved in producing this aircraft because DF nailed it.


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    I think the cfg file you're looking for is in the main FS folder. This is from memory so I'm not 100%. You could search for 727.cfg or GA*.cfg. If you've made entries in them before, you will recognize it.

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