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Thread: Heavy air traffic in Innsbruck

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    Default Heavy air traffic in Innsbruck

    Heavy air traffic in Innsbruck (LOWI) (Tyrol) (Austria)

    I hope you like it

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    seveverino, one of these days Hollywood is going to ask you to direct one of their movies. Outstanding.
    Loved the Iron Maiden livery BTW

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    What fraps and movie editing software do you use?


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    Great video! I don't suppose that is default scenery?

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    thanks Im using default airport + hd mesh scenery v2, great freeware mesh by alpilotx. for video I use snagit running on Win7 x64. Thanks to all fkr feedback

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    Hi seveverino,

    First: a very beautiful video!

    BUT: I doubt you are in any way using the HD Mesh Scenery v2 in your video ... even at first glance I thought to myself "no, this doesn't looks like HD Mesh" ... To be honest, it does not even look like XP10 default scenery (the textures look like the old Xp9 artwork set).

    Could it be, that you have installed some XP9 global scenery files in that region? Maybe you have the original XP9 LOWI demo terrain and demo overlay installed in XP10? That would easily override every other mesh scenery which is below it 8and you would see the classic XP9 style scenery instead of XP10 style mesh ... at least in the small area of 4-6 DSFs covered by the old XP9 LOWI Demo area)!!!

    Just as a comparison, I have a few LOWI screenshots, where I compared default Global Scenery with HD Mesh Scenery v2. You will notice, that none of them (not even the default shots!) resemble what we see in your video (just look at the Inn river ... its much smoother in any of my shots):

    (you can just take the first link and directly flip back and forth in the gallery ... no need to click each link down here separately)
    First comparison:
    - default:
    - HD Mesh Scenery v2:

    Second comparison:
    - default:
    - HD Mesh Scenery v2:

    And no, I don't want to nitpick or criticize ... I just like to correct mistakes. Especially that it happened more than once, that people thought the use HD Mesh Scenery v2 while they were looking at something entirely different (usual the default Global Scenery ... because of not correct installations).
    Andras Fabian / Alpilotx

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    I put the airport of Laminar from XP9 and should be replace the HD mesh that I'm using before... sorry for mystake...
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