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Thread: Let's talk about the weather

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    Both FSX default Weather tab AND external programs like ASN have the ability to inject user defined weather. In ASN, if you know a date and location where the weather was what you like to fly, you can alternatively set that date and if it's within three years past (if I remember right, I'm sure daveo will correct me) ASN will reproduce the weather on that date, location and hour of the day. ASN will continue to reproduce the weather on that day until you set it back to Live or set a different time. If you set a manual weather environment in ASN, ASN will keep it until you change it, set a date, or go Live.
    If you get something that causes you to flip cartwheels in glee, this can be saved to a weather file you can load any time you want.

    As far as totally randomized weather based on geology and geography, the FSX default likely is the closest you'll get to that. In the Weather Tab select one of the themes at the top and move the "rate.. " slider at the bottom to LOW. FSX will start out with the theme you selected and randomly morph it over time. The lower the setting (except none) the slower the weather will change over time.

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    ASN is for accurate weather, either real world or dated. But does not enhance/improve what you see through your windscreen, it tells FSX what type of clouds to use but does not add new or better looking clouds f.e. Only improves (very good) how the weather affects the handling of your airplane.
    REX can also do this, though imo not as good as ASN. But REX comes with great new textures for skies/clouds etc.
    This is the reason why so many (like me) use both. REX for the textures and ASN for the accurate weather depiction. In your description using custom made themes I think REX does a pretty good job, and it can select appropriate custom textures with the selected theme, which are injected into FSX before starting it.

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    Thanks for you help, guys!

    Well, as luck would have it, I happened to see in my inbox today an email about a big sale at PCAviator this weekend, including 50% off REX products! This might be the nudge I needed to dive in since it's only ~$22 usd. But I do realize that it's just a texture program. I guess I might as well start somewhere.

    I have a feeling I'll grab ASN when/if it's on sale somewhere ... or if I just feel like throwing a few extra dollars into this hobby which will likely to be the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pvarn View Post
    Right. I'll stop saying that.
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    Is the issue with FSX real world weather solved? Mine hasn't been updating the past couple of days. My thought was that Microsoft and Jepsen contract ended or Micrisift stopped tech support for FSX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    Is the issue with FSX real world weather solved? Mine hasn't been updating the past couple of days. My thought was that Microsoft and Jepsen contract ended or Micrisift stopped tech support for FSX?
    FSX real weather is an on again/off again situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    FSX real weather is an on again/off again situation.

    I was about to post something within the last two weeks about FSX weather being back up again. Then I started to "fly" out of Yuma one recent afternoon in Arizona. FSX updated weather said it was 65*! So I went onto Weather Underground to check for severe storms or perhaps a total eclipse. Since neither had happened, Weather Underground showed Yuma's temperature was almost as close to 65*C as 65*F!!
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