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Thread: Joystick and mouse control

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    Default Joystick and mouse control

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has come across this problem, when I use the joystick the aircraft behaves normally but if in virtual cockpit view and I can see the control column if I move the mouse from one side of the screen to the other for what ever reason the control column responds as well and turns or dives the aircraft !

    I must confess that I changed computers some time ago but after re installing FS X I only checked it was installed and that the program opened OK but did not try do any flying until recently when I noticed this was happening when I tried to fly a Boeing 737

    I have seen in the notes saying that you can enable the yoke by cntrl + Y which I am guessing is the mouse control could this be the reason, if so does anyone know how to disable it please. westmoors

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    I believe a right click anywhere on the simulator screen and un-selecting the "mouse yoke" option is how its done.
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    Thanks pyroman6x9x9, I will try that but as I got a bit fed up I decided to uninstall it and start again to see if that worked, but as yet I haven't got round to installing it again, (it takes a long time if I remember so I am waiting until I have enough time to do it ) westmoors

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    Next time:
    options-settings-keyboard assignments.
    on "controllers" tab.
    in "mouse" section.
    change "mouse yoke" to "mouse look".

    There is also a keyboard combination that switches the mouse function (look/yoke) in-game.
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