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Thread: Classic/vintage New York scenery - anybody ever make one?

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    Default Classic/vintage New York scenery - anybody ever make one?

    Pretty much as the title says, has anyone (payware or freeware, fs2004 or FSX) ever made a scenery add on of New York back in the glory days - 1940's or so, give or take a decade? It would be a pretty darned neat scenery, New York in that era is an icon.

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    I already have Le Guardia. I'm not talking about airports, I'm talking about downtown Manhattan skyscrapers to go with the airports.

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    I would speculate the demand for that would be so low and the effort to create it so high as to be prohibitive.

    However, if your passion for such a thing is high enough, it might be the inspiration you need to learn how to design scenery. An Entire city setting nearly replacing the default FS scenery for Manhattan 75 years ago would require tremendous effort. Even the small airport areas you typically download as replacements can require 10s or hundreds of hours.

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    I haven't found anything for the city, but there are some old style airfields at I found Floyd Bennet field there to replace the Brooklyn CGAS.

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    I believe that Floyd Bennett field is also in the library here.


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