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Thread: Several Of My Planes Shake During Climb & Normal Cruise Speed-- Un Flyable

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    I just downloaded and flew a freeware King1900. I assume yours is a payware model, but I may be wrong. I did a 230 mile test flight between KFAT and KLAS climbing smoothly up to a final cruise altitude of FL240 in about 3 steps. The climb was done at about 230knotsIAS and VS about 900 FPM. There was some wind shifts to deal with and some wing rocking but no violent shaking at all.
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    I deleted FSX.cfg but that didn't have any effect on the "jitters", it's still there. I can say all of these aircrafts worked great for a while, it seems as though each one is getting effected by whatever is going on, almost like a virus. The PMG 737 worked flawless for at least a year, it's just recently that my planes have gotten the "jitters". Now as far as having a "tech mind" & being able to evaluate "molding", you lost me, tech knowledge is not my strong suit. I think this is a very odd situation as planes have worked great for a long time, this is somewhat of a new issue. I bet if I deleted PMG 737 & downloaded it again it would work fine, however, the "jitters" will come back at some point (to all my planes). I've also scaled back the setting to the bare minimums & it's still an issue... Someone asked if this only happens in virtual mode, the answer is no, it happens in spot plane & any other view. & of course it's par for the course that I'm the only one with this issue, seems like we're in uncharted territory.

    Again thank you guys taking time to help me troubleshoot this, I really appreciate it.

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    Have you investigated the possibility of overheating?
    Maybe one of your fans has quit working...what temps are you seeing for your CPU and GPU? Do you have a coating of dust on the components inside your case?

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    At this point (starting over?) it would be best if you posted your SPECS (ie: cpu, video card (and driver number), ram specs, and power supply specs AND operating system (Windows version)). Then when we see what you are running, then we can TS video drivers, and perhaps DX issues (preview, etc). I has to be something common to the whole system and not anything individual (like airplane modeling (ie: flight dynamics)).

    When someone suggests the problem might be 'heating' they means CPU heating up due to not enough ventilation (not enough fans) or the video card heating up (again, due to not enough 'cooling'/fans). This is very possible. Unless you have 3 or 4 fans inside your case and the ambient temp (room temp) isn't extreme (ie: 90 F) which (again) takes troubleshooting.
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    Also, how exactly did you make those video's?
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    I don't know if you saw tvieno's post, but I agree with him. It looks very much like an Accusim issue to me. Try disabling it if you have it installed.

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    I finally gave up & deleted all aspects of Flight Sim off the computer & then re-installed, seems to be working now. I have also uploaded a lot of my original planes, not all of them but the majority. I think I had the system so bogged down that it made the planes shake, especially the faster ones like the jets. I don't think my computer was able to keep up b/c of how big the program was. In any case, thank you guys so much for all the advice, at least we know if someone asks this in the future we can shed some light on what might be going on.

    (1) last questions. My CH Throttle Quadrant is not engaging the reverse thrust. I'm sure this is easy to fix but before I start diving in head first & searching for a thread that solves this, does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Even though it sounds like you figured it out, if you have accusim installed that is most likely the problem. It's an awesome program but for some reason it makes the planes shake after a while. I turned it off and it hasn't happened since. It just ended up being a program that was cool in theory but created more problems than it offered cool effects. No more jitters or shaking at cruise or during the climbs. Luckily it wasn't an expensive program. I've even gone as far to turn it on during taxi/take off/landing but turn it off during cruise and I still get the effects of the bumps and noises on the ground where it seems to work fine and then smooth cruising with it off. Just my two cents. Happy Flying!

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    wrong !!

    the moi numbers are wrong NOTHING ELSE ....


    g. kirschstein

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    This post is almost 8 years old!!
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