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Thread: How to install World of AI flight plans and covert them for FSX

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    Default How to install World of AI flight plans and covert them for FSX

    How to install World of AI (WOAI) flight plans into FSX and to convert the flight plans to be compatible with other FSX flight plans.

    You will need the WOAI Installer ( ) and AIFP ( , the download link is at the very bottom where it shows the current version).

    It is possible to install multiple WOAI files at the same time. However, the likelihood of a failed installation increases with too many files installed at the same time. I recommend 5 or fewer packages at one time.

    The Easy Part:

    1. Start WOAI. Click Next

    2. Select WOAI file which you downloaded. I chose Florida West International Airways (

    3. Change the Target to Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    4. Leave the Extract Files for manual installation button UNchecked. This is for advanced users.

    5. FSX path should be the location of your FSX

    6. FSX subfolder. Leave unchanged.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Click the I Agree button if you agree that

    These files may only be uploaded to Avsim or by the AUTHOR ONLY.

    These files may not be uploaded to any other website without the author's written permission. These models, repaints and flight plans are FREEWARE and may not be sold, or put on any site that charges for downloading free files. The files found in this archive may not be distributed on CD or ANY medium for any kind of fee, including the cost of production, materials or postage.
    The ownership of the models, repaints and flightplans remain with the authors as mentioned in the package.

    Upload to will never be allowed by World of AI.

    The screen shows what AI airline is to be installed.

    9. Click Readme if you want to see this screen in a simple text file. It is useful if you want to know what aircraft are being installed. It shows that a Boeing 767-300 (B763) by AIA will be installed.

    10. Click Install.

    The Readme

    Successful installation

    11. Click Exit or Restart if you have other WOAI flightplans to install

    Converting FS9 flight plans to FSX format.

    By default FSX can use FS9 style flight plans without problem. However, the FS9 style will take precedence over FSX style and only the FS9 flight plans will be used and the FSX plans will not be active. The solution is to convert the plans to FSX format.

    One tool to convert the plans is AIFP, which can be downloaded from here

    1. Start AIFP

    Find your FS9 traffic files.

    2. Click File > Find FS9 Traffic Files

    3. Find the directory tree of your FSX installation.

    4. You can click the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, and every subfolder that could potentially contain a traffic file will automatically be checked. This is a more thorough method to find hidden traffic files, but it is also the slowest.

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    Or you can

    5. Scroll down to the Scenery folder, open it by pressing the box with the + sign.

    6. And scroll further down to the World folder and put a checkmark in it to find all the FS9 flight plans in that directory. By default, ALL WOAI flight plans will be installed in the World/Scenery directory.

    7. Click Use Selected/Checked

    The generated report will show you all the FS9 flight plans. Here it shows that the file traffic_0000_WoA_Florida West International Airways_Wi13.bgl is an FS9 flight plan.

    8. Click OK to close the window or move it off to the side for future reference.

    9. Click File > Convert FS9 Traffic Files to FSX

    10. The same directory tree as before. But this time click only the directory or directories you want AIFP to process.

    11. If you want to be able to identify traffic files at a glance if they are FS9, put a checkmark in the Add "_FS9" suffix to FS9 traffic files box.

    12. If you want to be able to identify traffic files at a glance if they are FSX, put a checkmark in the Add "_FSX" suffix to FSX traffic files box.

    13. If you do not want the FS9 traffic files after conversion, put a checkmark the Delete FS9 files after conversion box. Experience has shown me that if you put a checkmark in both the Add _FS9 and Delete FS9 files boxes, the files will not be deleted.

    14. Leave Compile using "Raw" mode UNchecked.

    15. Click Use Selected/Checked.

    16. Choose your destination folder for the converted files. I put all my WOAI flight plans in my \Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\WoAI Traffic\Scenery so I can turn on or off the WOAI flight plans at my discretion.

    It is ok to keep the flight plans in the World\Scenery folder if you want.

    17. Click Yes to confirm you are deleting the FS9 traffic files.

    The Conversion Report

    18. Click OK.

    19. Go to you the destination folder where the new FSX files are to confirm the conversion was a success. It appears to be a success.

    20. Go to the World\Scenery folder to confirm there aren't any residual FS9 files. Again, it appears that there aren't any.


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    Mods, pin it?

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    Hi everytime i got to check the i agree box and click next i get a error message

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    Post a screenshot of the error message. The WOAI Installer can crash for various reasons.
    Here's some examples.
    To find more reasons:
    google: WOAI installer requirements Unhandled Exception

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    Thank you for the step by step instructions......I had nothing but trouble trying to figure this process out and your post made my FS life much better thank you again

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    I know I'm replying to an old thread but I wanted to express my thanks to tvieno for posting it.

    I've ignored WOAI for years but this morning on a whim I decided to try and populate EGGD with Easyjets. All went well but I still wanted the default GA.

    This thread provided exactly what I needed.

    Thanks again tvieno.
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    Things have changed since this post originally showed up. Now there’s a way to download everything all at once, including General and military aircraft, and a choice for defunct airlines. I’m assuming it also takes care of the flight plan conversions as well.
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