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Thread: Incident- Denver- Stapleton- RW

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    Default Incident- Denver- Stapleton- RW

    This occurred taking off to the north, back in 1971. Or, could have been 1972. Don't remember exactly. Captain flying, first leg of the day. Lifted off, gear up, climbing to acceleration height, node goes UP, uncontrollably. Then goes DOWN, uncontrollably. Capt tells F/O to push, or pull, as the case was at that second in an attempt to overcome the forces. As the nose reaches "level" pitch, tells F/E to pull the nose trim circuit breaker. F/O calls tower for emergency landing on, mmmm, 26 I think. Anyway, turned right and landed to the west. Actual, real world incident. BY golly, how about that?

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    Here's a good one. Happened in ORD. Here's the official version. Kind of sterile.

    Here's an eyewitness version.

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