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    Default nothing but trouble-

    ok- forgive spelling- its late and im pissed-her"s why-
    1st -having trouble with= will load atc then it freezes and wont start(blue startup screen)i googled it and others have this problem to- i have to start/ stop back and forth ,just to break past the scroll bar saying and freezing on atc section of boot up-from left to right =bottom screen on startup-blus screen
    2nd= today at 12:30-lunch its now 10pm wasted all day with this (fill in the expletive) wonted to fly from kvny(cali) to ksea i got about up to powel(vor or ndb what ever) then i saw land disappear- the sim said error asynchronous region cpp.578-seattle area wont load-i lost and wasted a flight of almost 2 1/2 or so hours i forgot exaclty -so then i restarted and saw the same thing no land -then i restarted again and told the sim to start at ksea it wont load=so i googled it and saw something about plugins-i never downloaded any plug ins -just planes and scenery from xplane .org
    -----------graphics are good only because its new -no airports have to download them-false advertising=737 on box but not in sim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -----------any good plane i had to buy and this flight of today was in rollons crj200 was perfect was having a good time and this has to happen-so frustrating flying all that way and then it crashes to desk top-maybe im to sensitve but this is B.S =i call ed and left messages to laminar resaerch =xplane-yes i know spelling!im punchy-been at this pc since 12 lunch trying in vain to fix this =hope to find help or have this add help others-xplane10 has potential especially 3rd party add ons

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    No formatting hard to read...

    But have you downloaded Open Scenery and RUscenery? They are the popular addons and may solve your issue.

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    It is difficult to understand your post, but the immediate thought that comes to mind is "RAM errors".
    This is an insidious problem because faulty RAM doesn't always immediately show up.

    Do yourself a favour and type in mdsched.exe and Windows will do a Ram Test.

    If there appear to be no errors, download Memtest86 from here:

    and do a thorough RAM test.

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    problem of dissapearing tile fixed=kolm scenery =defective =downloaded new 1 fixed and problem solved! as far as openx and ru scenery i have them both and are current ram fine but still have to jiggle start up to brake past atc sticking point-thanks

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