Some time ago I bought Eaglesoft's Citation X. I needed, ok wanted a midsize jet that was pretty heavy on the systems programming (I wouldn't buy it in real life 'cause the speed doesn't justify the expense in my opinion but this is FS9, I'm not paying for gas.)

I was immediately having issues with getting the reverser levers set up in FUSIPC. A quick forum browse (here or avsim I don't remember) revealed that the FADEC programming causes the reversers to be set up a little funky and it just won't work properly with FSUIPC. I tried for a bit to come up with a work around and just got discouraged and distracted and eventually gave up some time ago.

Well it's been a few months now and I was wondering if anyone else had taken up the issue and if so what their solution was? I may get back to trying things out because I'm kinda looking for a challenge, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.