Good Evening All,

I have recently been playing around with my 75 (Quality wings SP3, FSX SP2) and I must say it's awesome.

However, I am very pro-realism and I have been unable to find anywhere information regarding performance (speeds, weights & balance etc.) for the 757 RR engine variant. I am particularly stumped at the derated thrust/EPR/assumed temp setting for take-off for this variant. I have found data for this (via an FCOM online) for the PW variant but it differs massively for the RR as the initial EPR is much higher. Does anyone know where I can find this/how it is calculated. I assume it depends on weather, weight & balance (Inc. flaps etc.) and length of runway??

Also, I am baffeled by the trim setting. I understand that the weight difference between the RR and PW models isn't that much (a few hundred lbs) thus the trim settings can't be much different. However, according to the FCOM I found online and other sources the trim setting for TO seems to be around 4 which is above the green band?? I thought the green band was for takeoff?? Also, is there anywhere I can calculate this accurately??

Please help, I've been hunting for the answers for weeks.

I look forward to your replies.