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Thread: Even + 500 and Odd + 500 do I need to bother ?

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    Default Even + 500 and Odd + 500 do I need to bother ?

    VFR flying;
    If I'm joy flying, no where in particular just sky touring, or going a specific route maybe 100 miles away or more but NOT using any Victor airways, should I still adhere to the altitude rule that above 3000 feet you should fly an odd thousand plus 500 feet when flying 0 to 179 degrees, and an even thousand plus 500 feet when between 180 and 359 degrees ? And does this apply to everywhere or just certain countries ?

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    No, I wouldn't bother in the slightest in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Like you mentioned here in the states, VFR traffic below 3000AGL is allowed any direction of flight, above that, east is odds+500 and west is evens+500. IFR altitudes are the same, but not+500. It's just a neat way of stacking aircraft to help pilots maintain visual separation.

    For a truly authentic experience, follow flight manuals and watch the Sporty's instrument DVDs. I don't see how following appropriate altitudes in the simulator can really help you find realism, unless that's what you really want to do.

    The short answer? No you don't need to in the simulator. Thousands of hours of real world flying later and thousands of hours of dual given, I do whatever I want to on my desktop. I'll fly inverted at 5AGL if I feel like it.
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    In Australia the lower limit is 5000ft. Above you must adhere to the odds/evens +500 (VFR), although it's recommended you follow the same procedure below 5000ft.
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    "Even + 500 and Odd + 500 do I need to bother?"

    I do.

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    In the UK there is no such rule for VFR flights - only a recommendation that VFR flights should follow the quadrantal rule for IFR below 24500ft and the semi-circular rule above that level.

    The quadrantal rule for cruising level is:

    0 <= Magnetic track < 90: odd thousands of feet
    90 <= Magnetic track < 180: odd thosands + 500ft
    180 <= Magnetic track < 270: even thousands of feet
    270 <= Magnetic track < 360: even thousands of feet + 500 ft

    The semi-circular rule for cruising level upto is:

    0 <= Magnetic track < 180: 25000, 27000...41000
    180 <= Magnetic track < 360: 26000, 28000... 43000

    Above these levels the interval is 4000ft

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    For a realistic experience, yes.

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    It depends upon how you view MSFS. If you consider it a flight simulator, adhere to the rules; if you consider it a game, do what you want where you want.

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