After installing ISG's GNS-XLS FMS, there's been a problem with the IVSI.

When opening DF 727, FS9 shows a pop up saying that ILH_TCAS was unable to load.

I really love this setup and Ernie Alston's FMS works great but just no IVSI nor traffic info will display, just a black screen.

I don't think it's a ISG GNS problem but instead the retrofit freeware put out by Meatwater . I didn't install meatwater's panels in all varients of the df727 as I'd like to have some 727's with no GNS. Those varients without meatwater's panels all have functioning IVSIs & TCAS.

My apologies if I'm posting this on the wrong site but can't get an answer on the other forum. I've searched the sim sites and googled with no luck. If anyone has any suggestions or knowledge how to go about correcting this, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you, Steve

FWIW, All engines are running and all three generators are online