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Thread: DF 727 VC lighting too dim

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    Default DF 727 VC lighting too dim

    After a fs9 uninstall/reinstall, I reloaded the DF 727. The MS default cockpits are well lit at night as is the 2D 727 cockpit. When the VC is opened, it looks like someone unscrewed all the light bulbs. All three generators are online and all overhead light switches are on. I looked through the forums here but I can't find where anyone else has posted the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help, Steve

    Sorry for the poor quality screen shots.....kinda new at this

    ******** update *******

    I changed some settings in fs9 and that did the trick. I can't figure out why the MS defaults were good but the DF 727 wasn't, but who cares, all is right with the world now.
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