I've ported this lovely aircraft into FSX with Win7 64 bit. Thru the trials and tribulations associated with the endeavor, one thing became obvious: the DF 727 works as it should.

The exterior model functions and looks great. Now I am sure there are some whiz bang features that are missing, I just don't know what they are that would be significant enough to improve upon the old girl.

The cockpit could probably use a refresh to make markings and engine gauges sharper. That would be the one thing that could be improved. And to be honest, the only reason I noticed is I recently purchased another add on (B737-200) that has all the looks in the cockpit but is lacking in some functionality and flight characteristics.

So how about Paul (or DF or Flight1): update the bitmaps on the gauges and cockpit market this puppy as an FSX upgrade for a nominal fee for current owners and a slick 49.95 to new owners:-)