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Thread: Problem FSX views are gone after loading a saved flight.

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    Question Problem FSX views are gone after loading a saved flight.

    Hello again, i have posted a problem before here, and i fixed it. But i have an other problem.

    This happens for the most planes.

    I just saved a flight yesterday with the Antonov-225.
    Today i wanted to continue the flight.
    I loaded the flight up.
    And all views was gone, except. VC view and Outdoor view.
    I can get to the views by clicking on the menues at the top.
    But when im pressing "S" i can only switch between VC and Outdoor.

    How do i fix this?

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    I can't help much here, but I think I remember seeing some views options in the fsx.cfg file or the flight file. Check them out, maybe you'll find something.

    I hope that helps.

    Asus X550V

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