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Thread: Has anyone tried ISG's GNS-XLS FMC on the DF 727?

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    Default Has anyone tried ISG's GNS-XLS FMC on the DF 727?

    I was wanting to get The GNS-XLS FMC installed in the 727 but had a couple of question before I buy. Will the 727's auto pilot couple to this setup. For anyone who's already tried, does the software install ok? is the autopilot able to keep up with changes to the FMC while enroute?

    Thanks for any help, Steve

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    Hi Steve,

    I've used the various ISG gauges for years -and - while they are not perfect - they have made my flying experience much better - with them - than it would have been without... That said - this isn't a plug and play package - meaning you should be pretty comfortable making panel edits - before getting involved with these gauges... Support with Ernie has been somewhat hit or miss - from my experience - some topics he can be very helpful on - others go unacknowledged on his forum... To his credit - he supplies a huge number if gauges for the reasonable entry fee... One thing I haven't really gotten to work well was his FMC's is vertical guidance... One thing you need to get used to is leaving the autopilot in "HDG" mode - as that's how his gauges guide the autopilot... I think someone did a panel edit already for the 727 - and - I found I flew it a great deal more once I had an FMC on board... To start out - you may want to stroll over to the Tin Mouse forum on the other site - as they have a panel version preloaded with ISG gauges - and the Mouse is a mighty fine plane from the same era as well... Would I purchase them again - absolutely...


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    Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions. I went and looked up tinmouse and see a ton of great info there. Hopefully I can get some more information as I'm not really to familiar with editing panels as you suggest. Thanks again for all your feed back

    Warm regards, Steve

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