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Thread: win 7 64 bit and fsx

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    Default win 7 64 bit and fsx

    I had the DF727 running well in Winxp and FSX. Then I installed Win7 64 bit on a new drive, followed with FSX and then tried to install/move DF727 into new drive. Keep getting fatal error on DF727 gauge file. If I remove the file, then it will load without gauges. Any suggestions?

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    Make sure you have Windows Defender and UAC turned off at install time. The aircraft does run under Win7 x64 so that's not an issue. Also make sure you run the installer from the right click menu "run as administrator" - that gives you maximum privileges.


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    I'll try that. I've just purchased and installed two other add ons (MILVIZ 737 and QW146) without issues. I am running a dual boot (Win xp and Win7 64 bit) so I can go back and fly the old girl, but it would be nice. Thanks for the advice. Will let you know mid week on success.

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    After three attempts DF727 appears to work. Had a registry problem and overwrite issues but it loads as it should. Thanks for help. Hopefully will take an evening flight to check it out.

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    Flies great. But I'm not getting the voice call outs except the outermarker call. Also not getting some of the gauge sounds (trim wheel, air conditioning) but get the clicks when I flip switches. Any suggestions?

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    Might be lacking FSSound.dll or GaugeSound.dll in the modules folder - I'm not sure these are actually FSX compatible however...


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    So I've gone through the forum and seen some registry issues. I implemented those into syswow64 but still get a registry box twice when booting the 727. Still no guage sounds though installed fssound.dll. text o matic works but the configurator keeps giving me MSVBvm60 error causing the crash. The plane still flies and manueveurs as it should. No EFIS panels show up though. without the configurator I just redirected one of the models to the efis folder. Still got steam gauges. At least all my macros still work for FSUIPC from FS9.

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    I stumbled into those forums earlier. What I have noticed is there is some idiosyncrasies introduced using win7 64bit. At night, not all the lights (approach lights for example) are visible, yet when I reboot to Winxp and fly the same scenario, it appears as it should. This happens with default and addon scenery. Very odd. This could turn into a full time job.

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