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    When I added new airlines on fsx file under airlines.cfg, I go onto my fsx and when I go to change the airline, the airplane call sign is completely blank. I saved the file on the notepad. No airline call signs comes up on fsx. Even the ones Microsoft posted on their. Help. How can I get the airlines back.

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    Add EditVoicepack to your sim and also FSUIPC free version. You will have more airline call signs than you'll know what to do with.
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    Adding call signs can be tricky.
    As Prof. Zip mentioned, you'll need a program called Edit Voice Pack (or EVP).

    On older versions of FS, you would edit the aircraft's aircraft.cfg file after you loaded a new call sign using EVP.

    Here's an example of a Canadian F-18 Hornet:

    title=410 Sqdrn "Cougars" 188710 Full Complement
    ui_type=Canadian Armed Forces CF-188
    ui_variation=410 Sqdrn "Cougars" 188710 Full Complement

    description=McDonnell-Douglas\/Boeing CF-188 Hornet\nCanadian Armed Forces - 4 Wing\n410 Squadron "Cougars"\nCF-18 Operational Training Squadron\nMotto: NOCTIVAGA - "Wandering by Night"\n\nCreated by Dean Reimer\\[email protected]\nCopyright (c) 2004 aerialfoundry


    performance=Length: 56 ft. 0 in (17.07 m)\nHeight: 15 ft 3 in (4.66 m)\nWingspan: 37ft 6in (11.43 m)\nRange: max ferry 1800 nm (3,333 km)\nCombat radius 550 nm (1020km)\nCombat Ceiling: 50,000 ft. (15,240 m)\nMax Level Speed: 1032knts (1183 mph)\nPower Plant: 2x General Electric F404-GE-400\nproducing 32,000 lbs (142.34 kN) of thrust\nWeight: norm take-off 33,585 lbs (15,234 kg)\nMax take-off 56000 lbs (25,401 kg)

    Notice the text highlighted in red.
    This was what I changed so ATC would call the plane a "Douglas F-18" with a call sign of "Cougar 7-1-0".
    This type of edit should also work in newer versions of FS.

    EVP is the tricky part of this kind of edit. The basic grind is to find your (digitized) call sign somewhere (MAIW has a ton of these call signs for military scenery) then start EVP, select IMPORT and your new call sign, select UPDATE (and wait for the "updating" text to clear), then select SAVE. Once the new call sign is added to FS, you'll still need to add it to your aircraft.cfg file.

    You call also install a program like FS Traffic that automatically updates your airline traffic and then edit your aircraft.cfg to use the new call signs. Sometimes, new call signs still might not work. In the above example, you could try variations of COUGAR ("Cougar" or maybe "cougar" should fix it) in the "atc_airline=" line .

    Yes, this is an old thread but I just added some new call signs and I wanted to freak out Zippy.

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