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Thread: Mindstar G1000 autopilot question

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    Using the Cessna 182T with the Mindstar G1000 and GNC700 autopilot:

    The autopilot will function in the NAV mode and capture courses, but it always turns to a course of 340 when I select the HDG mode. It does not matter where the heading bug is.

    Does anyone know if this function does not work with the current G1000 release, or is there some step I am missing.

    Using the 182S with the KAP140 autopilot, the HDG function does work and does follow the heading bug.

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    Just had a session with Mindstar tech support. Problem resolved. Fantastic support!

    Coming from a pilot flying real aircraft (not sims) - this G1000 is fantastic and I recommend it wholeheartedly! I will be purchasing their Garmin GNS530 the day it comes out. This is real training quality software.

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    Well what was the answer? How do you get the Autopilot on the Cessna 182T with mindstar g1000 to follow the heading bug? I already have set
    autopilot_available= 1
    flight_director_available= 1
    in the aircraft.cfg of the c172
    it follows the GPS fine but not the manual heading bug

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    RealityXP has the GNS 430/530 too. Their gauge has a trainer, not sure if Mindstar has that or not. they are the same price.
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