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Thread: Firepower for CFS3 in Windows 7

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    Default Firepower for CFS3 in Windows 7


    I was able to successfully install CFS3, and all the planes were present. I installed the Fire-power Add on, and not only did some of the firepower planes not appear (specifically, none of the big bombers, one or two fighters), but some of the "stock" CFS3 planes (such as the B26, some models of the P38) were no long listed on the aircraft tabs.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm running on windows 7.

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    Hate to create a Lazarus thread but i have the same issue. Firepower 1.07 installed on CFS3 in Win7. Some of the experimental aircraft are available in the "What if" missions and for free flight but nowhere else; in campaign mode the American pilot only has the P-47, nothing else (not even a P-51!); nowhere do I even see a P-38 in the game.

    And in campaign mode, flying for either side, there is no opposition unless I select CAP or escort missions; I can fly ground attack all day and the only danger (other than being rammed by my wingmen) is AA around urban targets and ships.

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