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Thread: Just Flight / Capt Sim C-130

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    Default Just Flight / Capt Sim C-130

    HI All

    Apologies if this is 'old ha't but this weekend I purchased the Just Flight / Capt Sim C-130 Box Set for FSX.

    I have tried a couple of the models in FSX but both suffer the same problem. When I try to start via CTRL - E I get the sound of the engines starting but the props do not spin and the flight instruments do not come alive.

    Grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction for a solution?

    Many Thanks

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    Here is a good read on your subject.
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    Maybe it's not a ctrl+E type of aircraft? May need to start reading the manuals, sir.
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    When you wish to start your engines with ctrl+e then what is the need for cold and dark scenario? Why don't you simply start FSX with engines running?

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