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Thread: How to control Horizontal Speed and Vertical Speed in FSX

  1. Default How to control Horizontal Speed and Vertical Speed in FSX

    I'm putting in order something that perhaps will make laugh the more veterans of simulation, but I'm so newby.
    To control vertical speed: going down, or to increase descent -> reduce power (RPM)
    going up or to reduce descent -> reduce power (RPM)
    To adjust altitude: we are too high -> flaps
    we are too low -> increase power (RPM)
    To control horizontal speed: accelerate -> joystick from us or Number 8 (= down)
    to slow down -> joystick toward us or Number 2 (=up).
    I find here an inconsistence since in few words, vertical speed is controlled with power and horizontal speed is controlled with joystick near or far from us (8 or 2), to adjust altitude when we are too high always should be used reduction of power and moreover but JUST in taking down flaps. Is it like this?
    Thank you and excuse my "english".

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    The question has been answered in this forum where I have solved my problem. Thank you

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