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Thread: TDS 787 Livery Issue after Aerosim 787 VC Merge

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    Default TDS 787 Livery Issue after Aerosim 787 VC Merge

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    Hello guys! I've recently merged my Aerosim 787 VC with the TDS 787, but I experienced an issue with the aircraft livery when LANDING and LOGO LIGHTS are on. Any solutions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fxsttcb View Post
    Looks to me like his alpha channels were missing.

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    Have you got any Vertical speed issue with the autopilot ? I did the same merge and can't make the vertical speed works. I need to climb manually and set Altitude when leveled.

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    Hello,sir. I ran into the same problem last month. It seemed be the problem of the aircraft.cfg. Simply change the "default_vertical_speed" section in [autopilot] section of the aircraft.cfg like this:

    default_vertical_speed= 1800

    This works for all variations of TDS 787 for me.

    The detail reason for this is that the aircraft.cfg of the default TDS 787 set "default_vertical_speed" to 1300 (if my memory serves right), but the Aerosim 787 sets it to 1800. Then, the system just can't judge which climbrate to use, which cause the button failed to function. This problem's never been pointed out even on the FB page of TDS merge. It really leaves something to be desire of this great VC.

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