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Thread: SGA MD-80 Panel by Lonny Payne Troubleshoot (HSI/ND)

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    Default SGA MD-80 Panel by Lonny Payne Troubleshoot (HSI/ND)

    Hello, everyone.

    First of all, I wasn't really sure whether this topic should have been placed under the Panel's Forums or SGA's Forum, but I finally decided to post it down here. Excuse me if I am wrong.

    The subject is I installed this excellent panel ( by Lonny Payne. However, no matter how I initialize the a/c -as suggested by the author to previously load another plane, engines not running, etc.-, no matter how I proceed with the cockpit preparation (Ground Power Unit / APU / Engines), I can't get the PFD or ND to work. I double checked the IRS alignment: steady Align message.

    The gauges per se show up with a dark background with a ATT Fail and HDG Fail messages, respectively, for PFD and ND.

    I would sincerely appreciate your kind help.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Problem solved. I had forgotten that IRS must be set to NAV and, then, set the INIT POS on the FMS. Splendid job of Mr. Payne. Regards.

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