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Thread: New Virtual Airline!!!!

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    Would anyone like to help me setup up a Virtual Airlines based in the UK flying from local and major airports. Definite bases will be Manchester,Liverpool,Glasgow,Blackpool,Humberside and Durham Tees Valley. The airline will fly to holiday destinations as well as providing a service for the business traveler called Briefcase. 'Briefcase' class will be available on selected routes within Europe. The fleet I propose to use will be comprised of A320,B757,B767 and A330 aircraft with possible expansion available if a lot of pilots join. As of yet I have not thought of a possible name for the airline so any suggestions or enquiries will be answered at looked at carefully. Thanks in advance the Vacancies are as follows.

    Fleet Manager (In charge of creating Fresh and Vibrant Liveries as well as maintaining the fleet)
    Hub Manager (In charge of creating new routes from each Hub and promoting advertising at them hubs)
    Administrators (In charge of managing the forums and handling any problems from pilots on our email)

    Message back if you are interested

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    I will be an administrator if you would like, contact me on my group on facebook or contact us on the website:

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    I would like to be a hub director

    Email me more info at [email protected]

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    Id be interested in any, I've owned VAs before. ill message you my details

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