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    I change many of the keyboard assignments from the default one's, is there a way to print out a list of the changed keyboard keys? I had to reformat my computer and re-install FS2002 not to mention change the keys again, printing a list would help save a lot of time.
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    You could copy your fs2002.cfg file to a floppy. You could also print out the fs2002.cfg file after you opened it in Notepad or Wordpad.

    The better way IMO is to save the fs2002.cfg file to a floppy. If you need to reinstall anything, you just copy the file back to the fs2002 folder and replace the one generated by fs2002.

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    The heck with the keyboard. Go out and get Gamevoice. This replaces the keyboard and you can operate all the fs2002 functions by voice recognition. Works good.

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