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Thread: F-16 cockpit simulator frame - ready and painted to your door

  1. Exclamation F-16 (also F-18, F-35) cockpit simulator frames and sims - ready to your door

    Hello Gents,

    03.2017 update:

    It deserves an update for sure. We have just launched the brand new web site:, offering beloved F-16 (as well as F-18, F-35...) frames and full simulators (Hybrid or fully physical), delivering worldwide. I hope you like it!

    Example, one of the cockpits, Hybrid VIPER (full functionality, partly physical, partly touch screens) + our curved screen (we do offer fully physical cockpits too!).
    We had two real life VIPER pilots and one Crew Chief trying out this one (of course he ramp started :thumbsup: )!

    Original 2013 post:

    Hello Gents,
    With a great pleasure I want to introduce you our baby - we've worked on this for months. First, analyzing everything available, then planning the shape of Viper Wing F-16 frame. It exists thanks to thanks to great people, sim community and inspiration for pushing it further. I am humble looking at some of your projects and just hope this offer will find a few fans here and there. This way you can focus on equipment - screens or physical instruments and get in the air faster
    The cutouts may be adjusted to your needs (glass cockpit or switches). If you do not have too much space, notice that side consoles may be unscrewed easly in the middle length from the inside and you're getting compact pit (then you are getting side consoles' fronts only, for instruments).
    Just write an e-mail at [email protected] and do not forget to send your postal code.

    Shipping worldwide.

    Thank you.

    [email protected]
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    Here they are safely packed - the USA units on their way!
    Name:  P8300001.JPG
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    Name:  P8300003.JPG
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    [email protected]

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    Gents, I am sharing with you the first official promo pic and video of full Viper Wing cockpit in Prague (Czech Republic)! What's also cool about it, in the sim center (called Simulation of Reality) real life fighter jet pilots-instructors are taking the experience to a whole new level! The Viper Wing cockpit which I delivered, is running with 15 screens alltogether (3 of these are projectors for over 5m wide, curved screen).

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    Gents, I'd like to share the abc TV video regarding 7 cockpits I built for Los Angeles based Fly The Dream sim center!
    I will be present as exhibitor at coming FS WEEKEND in Lelystad, Netherlands (worlds biggest international flight simulation event!), so if you have time on coming weekend (November 2nd and 3rd, 2013), come and see my VIPER WING frame!

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    I am SO PROUD to inform that Rockwell Collins (corporation from UK specializing in professional aviation electronic solutions, also for military industry), has used my VIPER WING F-16 inspired simulator frame for the demonstrator system, at the open house held at the new Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Center of Excellence!

    Here you have a short review of their great solution:

    JSF Simulator Visuals Shown for First Time in Public


  6. Default PRICEs UPDATE

    Big news! The prices of the VIPER frame and ACES seat replica were considerably lowered for customers outside of the European Union! Check them out at:


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    I put some work lately into my VIPER's 2014 version of F-16 simulator and updated the gallery at

    We also finally worked out the affordable curved screen projection product for use with just one short throw projector, I think it will be best to put it in separate thread. Here is the preview (yes, it is one, short throw projector!):


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    OK, I finally had some time to take a look at Uri's blog. He shows nicely how he converted from the desk to pit just in a few hours (+ nice pics how it all comes, safely packed):

    Thanks, man


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    The new teaser is here. Turn on your speakers

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