I think this forum is an appropriate place to tell you guys all about Xtreme Soaring 3D. A soaring simulator that runs on iOS and tablets. You can circle up thermals, cruse fast and low whilst ridge running and enjoy live multiplayer with people from all over the world with a chat feature to help organise formation flying, etc.

There are currently 3 gliders in Xtreme Soaring, an ASK-21, a DG-808 and an LS-8. All with specific flight parameters and a fully functions cockpit with variometer!

You can fly seamlessly on three maps, which consist of Zeltweg-Austria, Santiago-Chile and Omarama-New Zealand.they all have tough terrain to try and master, along with some 3D buildings and a huge amount of land covered in each maps which means you can fly long, long distances!

Xtreme Soaring seems to be a very feedback driven person who is constantly looking for way to improve his sim. His name is Phillip.

Here is a link to the Xtreme Soaring website, please give it a look and if you're impressed, maybe make a little investment. You won't be disappointed.

Regards, James.