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Thread: Could Someone Please Tell Me Which Aircraft This Is!

  1. Default Could Someone Please Tell Me Which Aircraft This Is!

    I love the ATR 42, and to my knowledge TSS only makes sound sets, so which
    aircraft model are they showcasing the sound pack with in this video? Or could someone
    please point me to a good quality ATR 42 (preferably -300) with vc.

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    This is the best I could find- keep in mind that it may not be incredible.

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    It tells you exactly in the video. Watch it again.

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    Hi Nicholas,
    I have tried all ATRs available for two years now. I confirm the Virtualcol is the only full ATR 42 300, 500 and 600, incl. a VC. The Power Management of the old Francesco Sanchez-Castaner's one (Abacus) is bugged and has never worked. TSS tested its sounds (the best available) on the ISDT (without any panel, but working in FSX with the good David Durst's one, available here at or the Virtualcol 2D panel), and the Aerosoft (eurowings) which doesn't work in FSX (FS9 only). If you really want tho use the ISDT, buy first the Virtualcol and TSS sounds, I will send to you my new FDE (aircraft.cfg and air. files) for the ISDT, reworked and edited with Airwrench and some advice to take it off and land it properly. If you are not satisfied with the Virtualcol autopilot, it is possible to retrofit the ATR-style one from the FMS pack2 by Friendly Panels. I am currently trying to install it and make it work. I could then send the panel.cfg to you.
    Hope it will help you.

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    There's also the Flight 1 ATR (developed specifically with ATR). Originally for FS9 and ported to FSX.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Nicholas is looking for a 42, not a 72. Flight 1 ATR is still the best. But we are still waiting for a Flight 1 42. He wouldn't have asked and my answer would have been of no use if Flight 1 had delivered.

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