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    I am sure that there are a lot of pilots and ex-pilots like me that enjoy FS.

    Personally, I use FSX.

    I owned a couple of planes, a Pitts S1 (part share), and a Robin Aiglon R1180T (G-VITE) which was mine.

    I was an ATPL for a short time but due to family business obligations (in aviation), this was limited to flying cooperate jets, turboprops and piston twins mainly on an availability and on demand status as a CPL.

    I have been lucky enough to have acquired many different types in my log book!

    I enjoyed my (Royal Aero Club) air racing hobby for 12 years which tended to dominate all else, though I also enjoyed aerobatics at a pretty low level of experience!

    There is more but I don't want to bore!

    I gave up racing in the early '90's due to circumstances, financial and personal and let my licences expire.

    Sometimes I wish I had kept my basic PPL/IR alive


    If you are serious about your aerobatics you should add this to your hanger

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    Thanks for the adding your profile. It sounds like you've enjoyed some of the more serious flying in aviation and I for one would love to hear more (and would not be bored). If you have photos to share that is even better.


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