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Thread: Getting Started In Scenery Design For X-Plane

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    Default Getting Started In Scenery Design For X-Plane

    Getting Started In Scenery Design For X-Plane

    Designing scenery can be a very creative and fulfilling part of the hobby, giving you and others more places to fly. In the first of a series of articles, Brian Godwin explains what is involved in creating scenery for X-Plane, including the different levels of scenery and the tools used.

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    Excellent choice in Brian for this tutorial. He has done a very good job.


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    I second that!

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    Brian is also the ATC expert, he did the traffic for my Honolulu, Houston and Atlanta, among others. Any question about RWY ATC, TWY ATC, flows? Brian Godwin is your man.

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    Good link on a great topic!

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    Help Please. I do not seem to be able to get WED-O-Maker to work. I followed all download/install instructions to the letter. Also installing the latest version of Java, as required. But when unzipping WED-O-Maker, all I get is an explorer link that asks to save, save as. Doing this just saves the link again. My current Java is updated and active. I read that this jar doesn´t like Firefox, so I used both Explorer, Opera, Chrome, again this version of the Wed craps out. The older version worked perfectly, but now I can not find a copy of it to download... Help Please...Thanks

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