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Thread: Posting Links to downloads in the library

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    Default Posting Links to downloads in the library

    Far too often a link to downloads in the FlightSim.Com library go nowhere. The usual display is "Search not found".
    Moderator fxsttcb has posted in a previous thread the correct way to do it now and is willing to make this thread a
    "Sticky". This line is an example of a link to a Ryanair repaint for the default 737.

    Thank you, Don!
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    My own little blog comments on the subject:

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    Just my 2 cents here, but I have found the best way is to copy and paste the entire Library entry in the body of the post (I've done this the last couple of times). That way, it gives the OP all of the pertinent info about the item. Right now, the Forum seems to be set up wherein the important links to the File are highlighted, which makes navigating very easy.

    For example:

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Jetliners FS2004/FSX Boeing 787-8 In Dreamliner Livery
    [ Download | View ]
    Size: 18,209,920 Date: 06-27-2013 Downloads: 5,660

    FS2004/FSX Boeing 787-8 In Dreamliner Livery. A Boeing 787-8 in Dreamliner livery, registration N787BA, developed by Tenkuu Developers Studio (TDS). Model features high resolution textures, dynamic flexing wings, body gear steering, nose gear steering, rudder lock, ground spoilers, low speed aileron locks at high speed, fully animated control surfaces, fully independent suspension, trim animation, opening passenger doors, animated tilting bogies, rolling wheels, animated thrust reversers with reverser block doors, detailed textures, full night lighting, ground service vehicles and more. Model design by Hiroshi Igami/Yosuke Ube. Flight dynamics design by Maurino M-Bezel Brown, Nick Wilkinson. Master textures by Yosuke Ube. Livery by Yosuke Ube. (See also UTILITY_PANEL_FIX.ZIP)

    I know it takes up more space, but I think it's a little more helpful for the person looking.

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    ViperPilot2: +1
    I often suffer with (like 90% of cases) 404 errors when trying to find some file here recommended on forum, but links in format that you are suggesting - are always working perfectly You are a great example.
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    Hi V.P

    I have downloaded and installed the 787-8 only to find out that it does not support a V.C only the 2D is available. I have found in FS.COM an excellent V.C however, it is for T.D.S; I do not know what the T.D.S stands for, also, will this V.C install into the none T.D.S 787-8?

    I’m running FSXGold.

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    Hi all

    Thanks for your replies.

    An old saying comes to mind “get your brain in gear before you open your mouth”, well in this case I don’t think anything was in gear.
    Looking at my post I realise just how stupid it is; how in God’s name could I expect anyone to help me with a dumb post like that; I am getting long in the tooth now (66) and the brain is getting smaller. The other problem is that technology is moving forward so fast I’m losing touch; well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

    I will re-trace my steps in FS.Com and get the information you require to help.

    Cheers guys

    I apologise for my stupidity.


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    i had installed 787-8 but its not running what would be the reason?

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    Pardon my intrusion, Ryan, but this isn't the thread for your question. Plese post a new thread about your question in the FSX forum

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