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Thread: AS2012 vs. REX + with Overdrive

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    Default AS2012 vs. REX + with Overdrive

    I am looking for an all around graphics upgrade. I want ground and water as well as sky textures. REX seems to be highly regarded and it includes a weather engine. AS2012 is a weather engine plus ground and water textures and is also well regarded. At the present time, I'm leaning toward AS2012 since I already own ASE and can upgrade and save money. How do these two products compare or am I comparing apples to oranges?


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    Active Sky isn't a performance increasing program as Overdrive claims to be. I have not used REX, only AS2012, so you need advice from people who have used both (which isn't going to be a lot of people since they tend to be in one camp or another, and most of us don't like to spend a lot of money on two programs that do the same thing.) Both programs are aggressively updated. People can have problems with both if they expect too much or set graphics options too high for their system. Since you already have ASE (which is a weather and scenery "graphics upgrade" over default FSX) you know what I mean.

    So, you want "another" graphics upgrade and wondering if R+O is better than AS2012. All I can tell you is AS2012 is better than ASE in many ways. Will AS2012 and a carefully tweaked sim give you better frame rates and more dazzling weather effects than R+O? I suspect it has more to do with settings and your expectations than the products themselves, and what you expect for the price. Again, AS doesn't claim to be a performance enhancer.

    I read a lot of messages asking if Overdrive is all it's cranked up to be (as opposed to well known tweaking guides.) I've not seen a definitive consensus. Do a forum search on this subject and you'll see what I mean. I also see a lot of messages here asking for help with REX (whether it's REALLY REX the problem is often unclear) but I do not see many people here asking for AS2012 help, or thinking AS2012 is the root of a particular problem. These are just personal observations.

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    Thanks for the response, Paul. Since the release of AS2012, I have followed the subject as it pops up. Having ASE, I have resisted the urge to buy an upgrade that is only compatible with FSX. While I continue to increase the amount of time (and money) I spend in FSX, I still very much enjoy flying in FS9. I have observed pretty much everything you have mentioned which is why I thought I would ask. I suppose when I finally decide to take the leap, I will probably take advantage of ASE and buy the upgrade to AS2012.

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    I personally found Rex to cause freeze up's. So although I have no experience of AS, I would go for that if I were in the market. AS customer service seems far better and friendlier than REX as well

    At the moment I'm quite happy with the default weather.
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    Rex does not cause freeze ups. It's more likely to be caused by something on your computer. I use Rex textures alongside OPus for weather reporting.

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