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Thread: Here's an easy one!!! Default FS2004 C172SP!!!

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    Talking Here's an easy one!!! Default FS2004 C172SP!!!

    Hello all,

    I am requesting a repaint of the default FS2004 C172SP in my private livery, so that I may fly my plane in virtual reality when I'm not at the field. I'm based at Sunrise Beach Airport (2KL), nestled in the Texas Hill Country. Included are some shots I took this morning of the plane at the field. She's old, but a reliable old bird. Please make sure to included the "Skyhawk" logo on the tail, and the dark blue interior. I would love if someone would do this for me, and I'm sure it's a very easy paint. If it's not a huge hassle, would the painter not use MIPS, as I would like clarity!!

    Thanks to whoever reads this! Let me know when you're done and you can post it on here or perhaps message me on here for my email.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Whoops, forgot the pictures! I'm such as computer whiz...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.JPG 
Views:	140 
Size:	66.4 KB 
ID:	150784

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2.JPG 
Views:	135 
Size:	22.7 KB 
ID:	150785

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.JPG 
Views:	135 
Size:	114.1 KB 
ID:	150786

    Name:  4.JPG
Views: 203
Size:  48.6 KB

    Thanks again for considering!!

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    Like, anyone? Please?!?! I can't set my computer up even after downloading DXTBmp.

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