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Thread: Quality Wings 757 Livery Installation Problem.

  1. Default Quality Wings 757 Livery Installation Problem.

    Okay, so I got the Quality Wings 757 for Christmas. I got it on a disc not a download. So I installed it and every thing works but when I try to install the liveries that are supplied with the disc onto the planes using the livery manager it tells me that Windows Directory wont let the livery file reach the plane file. I have tried directly adding the livery file to the plane's file but it wont work. Its very annoying because I really like the add on just the liveries wont install which angers me! Any ways to fix this or any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    P.S I have made sure I was using the correct livery for the correct aircraft.

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    Maybe try adding it when running as administrator? I know that can be the issue sometimes.
    Just right click and then run as admin. See if it makes a difference?
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    Could it be a UAC thing going on preventing the changing of the files?
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    Yeah I'll give that a go and see how it works. Thanks for the info and thank you for welcoming me to the forum.


    So guys I ran it as an admin and it worked! I thank everyone for their ideas and support.
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