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Thread: Laminar Research announces WED 1.2 World Editor for X-Plane

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    Default Laminar Research announces WED 1.2 World Editor for X-Plane

    Laminar Research announces WED 1.2 World Editor for X-Plane

    South Carolina - June 25 - 2013

    Laminar Research, creators of the X-Plane flight simulator franchise, is pleased to announce the availability of WED version 1.2 (World Editor for X-Plane).

    World Editor is an airport scenery creation and editing tool for Laminar’s X-Plane. WED is intuitive and easy-to-use, as it features drag-and-drop scenery creation in a graphical environment that is designed for the typical X-Plane user.

    World Editor takes a graphical CAD-like approach to creating airports. All airports are made up from a collection of different items or entities of a specific type. For example; runways, taxiways, windsocks, signs, and buildings. A runway has length, width, surface type, lighting and taxiway signs for example. WED is organized to create and edit each of these different items on an individual basis, so a user can add an item, then edit it’s characteristics or attributes at will.

    A key feature of World Editor is the ability for a user to create an airport scenery and then send his or her creation to Laminar’s airport scenery database service. Once checked by Laminar for acceptability it is then included in the airport data when X-Plane users receive automatic X-Plane updates from Laminar.

    X-Plane 10 Global... "It's what real pilots fly!"

    You can get the new WED 1.2 here

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    I have WED and I have been trying to make scenery for a local airport KPRC Love field in Prescott AZ. How do I get the local airport name into the center widow so I can start edititn it?

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    There is a 13 part video tutorial that will get you going. It's done for LR. Search Google for it.

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