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Thread: FSX DreamFleet Dakota under W7 64 bits

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    Default FSX DreamFleet Dakota under W7 64 bits

    What I have after uninstall Dokota fsx

    After unsinstall the fsx DreamFleet Dakota, I have still the following gauge files in the gauges folder of fsx.


    So the unsinstalling the Dakota do not unsinstall de RXP gauges previously installed.

    EDIT :
    You should have in the root folder of FSX

    Re-installing the Dakota in FSX

    This timre I have choosen to re-install the Dakota in a temporary folder without installing the RXP gauges. Then I copy the df236.dll file in the gauges folder of FSX. After I place the DreamFleet Dakota folder in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes

    I do not install the other filles. Otherwise I have had a crash to desk of the FSX.

    Panel cfg files

    In the panel folder of the the DreamFleet Dakota we find several panel cfg files

    First make a safeguard copy of these files under another name. Then, in each of these files change all entries rxpGNS.df236!GNS430 by fs9gps!gps_500. Save the modifications.

    I have done these modifications beacause RXP GNS430 GPS give a crash of the FSX when I try to use the Dakota.

    Use of configuration panel

    When I use the configuration panel I MUST NOT PRESS SAVE BUTTON. Even if I don not press the SAVE button, the changes of configuration are still effective the next time I choose the Dakota. But if I press the SAVE button I have a crash of FSX.

    What I have now

    By following this procedure I have now a DredamFleet Dakota working in FSX under W7 64 bits operating system. The RXP GNS430 is missing, the effects files and some sound filles were not installed to avoid crash of FSX.

    Have a good day

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    Thank you very much for this information Benoit. I've been wanting to install my Dreamfleet Dakota again for quite some time. It worked initially for me under Windows7 64-bit, but then one day everything stopped operating, and I eventually had to remove it. I will give it a new try using your suggestions. Congratulations on getting yours to work. ~Glenn
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