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    I'm not sure I'm in the right forum to ask for that but I'm desperately looking for the SCASM decompiler. I couldn't find anywhere, neither at nor at Other URL's returned with a 404 error code or else.

    So I'm asking if anyone could tell me where to find it.

    Thank you for your help.

    Pierre NC.

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    SCASM decompiler? scasm files are text files, so, I assume, you are looking for an app to disassemble a *.bgl into scasm format.
    The old BGLAnalyze.exe did that, but, I don't know if it is still available anywhere.
    Likely sites will probably have early "Airport for Windows" versions which used scasm.exe to compile, and BGLAnalyze.exe to import...Don
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    SCDIS ver 2.3
    Scenery Disassembler v2.3 for MSFS/CFS. SCDIS can disassemble BGL files, which are MSFS/CFS scenery files, and convert them into SCASM/FreeSC source files.

    Can be found at AVSIM Library, search using the filename
    Mike Mann

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    Both Takuya Murakami's "SCDis23" and Winfried Orthmann's "BGLAnalyze31" can de-compile (some FS98), FS2000, FS2002, and FS2004 SCASM BGLs with varying success.

    SCDIS: (Part of the FreeSC Project)

    Alternate Download link:

    SCDis23 AVSIM Link:


    NOTE: With either of the above utilities, there are occasional errors in output text file formatting (ex: missing line breaks etc in the *.SCA or *.SCM file), so one particularly needs to inspect and manually edit output text files derived from 'more complex' source BGLs.

    Hope this helps !

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    I am replying to this thread because none of the answers thus far have really been satisfactory in my opinion.

    The utility the OP is really looking for is called MdlDisAs. It is a MDL Dis Assembler and comes in several different versions. I have used it for years to disassemble MDL files built with Aircraft Factory 99 and Aircraft Animator and perform various edits and corrections that AF99 and AA may not do very well. I am no expert but I get most of what I want done.

    - Ivan.
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    Hi Ivan:
    Could you tell me how to get that utility?. I'm quite interested, but I made a quick search and it doesn't look easy.
    Thanks and regards

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