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Thread: Why Still Here?

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    Default Why Still Here?

    It makes me sad to have to ask this, but why does still have entire section devoted to DreamFleet? It's obvious that interest in this company's products has faltered, to say the least.
    I've seen postings elsewhere on the forums as to why we can't have a section for this, that, or another subject. The reason given is always that there is only so much bandwidth available.
    I'm a long-time DreamFleet customer, and still fly the Dakota on my Win 7/64 system (heavily (GNS) modified). My laptop with Vista and FS9 still has the Archer II and the A36, both great planes.
    But I think the time has come to say goodbye to the DreamFleet forum. Keeping it here makes about as much sense as having a dedicated Commodore-64 forum.
    Sorry, but Lou Betti & co. abandoned us long ago.
    However - I still have hopes for someday (?), an up-to-date 727. But sadly, no news is (not) good news.


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    We've maintained a number of old forums for archival purposes, in case anyone wishes to refer to them. Disk space is cheap, so deleting them is not really necessary.

    You seem to think we are unwilling to create new forums due to "bandwidth" and I can assure you that is not true. We're happy to create any new forum if there is sufficient interest to keep it active.

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    O.K. Thanks Nels. It was probably something I read years ago, when bandwidth really was more expensive. I joined back in 1998, so my listed "Join Date" is inaccurate. I think I must have had to re-enroll in 2005, after a brief hiatus from the FS world.
    I actually do check the DreamFleet Forum everytime I'm on the site, hoping for some fresh discussion. So I guess it is nice to have - especially if one needs to go back and check on an old problem, after a fresh FSX or FS9 re-install, for example.
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