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Thread: Introducing iFMS

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    Hi Tyler,

    The iPad2 is really on the limit of what iFMS requires in terms of memory, however you should be able to use it.

    Make sure you have no apps (at all) running in the background when you run iFMS, double tap your home button before launching iFMNS and swipe away anything that is open.

    Also, when you first launch iFMS, it will extract the default navdata, this requires at least 350mb of free storage space. If perhaps you did not have that available at the time iFMS would be left with an incomplete installation which can also cause the app to crash. If that was the case you will need to re-install iFMS completely, just remove it and re-install from the app store (should be free given you're an existing customer).

    Let me know how you go with the information above and we'll go from there.



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    Default Introducing iFMS

    Hi Michael,

    I'm intrigued - but - I may still be missing the big picture... So if this is setup properly - I should be able to use iFMC as a touchscreen FMC that theoretically would connect to any plane ? I know you include instruments - but would the FMC drive the instruments already included with the plane ? So I would see my track and be able to navigate off the PFD in the panel ? Would the FMC be aware of any of the particulars of the aircraft it is configured to work with ?

    I'm familiar with ISG's FMC product line and a limiting factor was you had to use their proprietary gauges to communicate with the FMC...

    Does your FMC support full RNAV approaches with vertical guidance ?

    At the moment - I'm specifically looking for a better FMC option for the Carenado CJ2 525A - everyone knows Carenado really isn't known for their systems work and their FMC is an exceptionally weak point... It's actually based off the default GPS and it can't even do some basic functions like Direct To...



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