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    X-Plane Articles, Interviews & Reviews

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    Interview: Austin Meyer
    Audio & Text Interview with developer of X-Plane and President of Laminar Research

    Article: X Plane, The World's Most Advanced Flight Simulator
    Judy Rice, Media Relations for X-Plane tells us how X-Plane goes beyond Flight Simulation for some people.

    Interview: Tom Kyler
    Tom Kyler one of the key developers for X-Plane 10 talks about his developments & career

    Interview: With Goran Matovina
    Goran Matovina of Leading Edge Simulations talks about developing for X-Plane

    Interview: Eric Gillett Of RealScenery
    Eric tells us about his background in real and virtual aviation and plans for the future

    Interview: JetManHuss
    JetManHuss is a real world pilot, aircraft performance and flight model analyst who also develops freeware for X-Plane

    Interview: Fernando Herrera Of Carenado
    Fernando Herrera one of the founders of Carenado tells us about his company and products

    Review: C188 AGTruck From Alabeo
    Alabeo has outdone themselves with this Agricultural & Utility aircraft classic.

    Review: Mooney M20J for X-Plane
    A first look at Carenado's Mooney M20J

    Interview: Shawn Weigelt
    Shawn tells us how regular guys can learn the skills to develop scenery and contribute to the X-Plane community.

    Interview: Freddy De Pues
    A popular designer of X-Plane scenery that once designed FSX scenery tells us about his design inspirations, and how he creates scenery.

    Note: We're always looking for people to write small articles, reviews, and helping us conduct email interviews for X-Plane. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested or can think of someone who would enjoy writing something. Also, if you have a suggestion (and contact information) for someone you think we should interview, please send an email to [email protected].

    Thank you
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