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    Anyone with air hauler know how to speed things up a little bit as far as money goes? Based on how I am managing my company I don't see myself flying my heavy jets for awhile. Is there a way to make things go a little faster or do I fly hours and hours (which I don't mind). I'm trying to get my CS 727 in the mix and it 30M and I can only take a loan out for 5M. Any help or insight would be much appreciated

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    I'd get rid of the default Learjet 45 that you start out with and get some planes that have good cargo capacity. Buy two or three if you can, hire a few pilots and run AH as often as you can.

    I have two DHC4 Caribou cargo STOL planes with pilots to fly them. In a day, I can make $20-50,000 by planning smart.

    Another thing is go to an airport where the rent is dirt cheap. Stay away from the bigger airports.

    And lastly, not all freight pays the same rate. I use a spreadsheet and on the job screen, I break down the rates down to dollars per mile and will only take the better paying fares. I try to load up the plane as full as possible and limit the time the planes are flying without freight.

    This is a cheat: I am not a 100% sure on this since I haven't done it but I heard that the cost of the plane is based on the weight of the plane. So if you change the weight of the airplane to something lighter and then import it, the cost of the plane should be .... affordable. I don't know if it is the empty weight or the max weight but my guess is the empty weight.

    Be sure to change the weight of the plane back to what it was.
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    I might have to give that cheat a try if I cant hold myself back from flying the 727. Thanks for the info!

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