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Thread: Not really a complaint...

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    The Cessna 172 2D and VC panels are pretty much alike. Try it with the Mooney Bravo instead and post the VC and 2D cockpit pictures side by side. If you have workable solution I'd be interested.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Golding View Post
    set your zoom to 1.0 (there are no arguments about this, it is the correct zoom to view the outside world, period).
    Hmmm, I feel a great urge to argue

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    I realize some people prefer the VC and others the 2D panel. The problem is with the absence of 2D panels in the newer aircraft becoming available those of us who prefer or need the 2D panels are left out in the cold and find many of those aircraft unuseable.

    I have an analogy here. I spent many years on the flightline before they started using ear protection. I need to turn the volume up on the TV set to hear and understand what they are saying. My wife tells me to turn the volume down and read the captions. Try watching a TV show with the sound off and reading the captions only. It's an entirely different experience and you lose much of what the show is about.

    Since she can hear normally she thinks captions are a good workaround just as those who prefer or have no problem with VC cockpits think the workarounds for those of use who find them unuseable are OK. They are not, although I am open to what Paul is going to show us.

    I guess you have to walk in the other person's shoes. When I was younger I walked in your shoes. Today at 79 I can't and you haven't had to walk in mine...yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by birdguy View Post
    I have FS Panel Studio and use it a lot to modify existing 2D panels. But I have no expertise in designing the cockpit views that go with 2D panels.

    Slew the plane to altitude in clear skys. Set your VC view to exactly the picture you want to see as a 2D. Full Screen.
    Take a screenie. Now change that blue sky in the screenie to pure black(R,G,B, = 0,0,0).
    Use another panel.cfg to see what is required to display a 2D "Main Panel".

    Open the target plane's panel.cfg

    Create your title.
    [Window Titles]
    Window00=Main Panel
    Reorganize popup windows and renumber if necessary.

    Create your window description.
    file=F-8 Main W2.bmp //The name of your bitmap
    size_mm=1920 //the horizontal resolution of the bitmap you made.
    window_size= 1.000, 1.000
    window_pos= 0.000, 0.000

    Where do I get the gauges? You ask.
    Open your edited panel.cfg in FSPS. From within FSPS you can open the various [VcockpitXX] sections, using a large rectangle select, copy the relevant gauges and paste into the "Main Panel". Zoom out. It will be a mess, but, it doesn't take long to drag all the gauges to their relative locations. The ones that aren't visible can be pushed to the side for the time being. Now size and accurately place the instruments. Eliminate the ones you pushed aside, or, mod the bitmap if needed to accomodate the stuff you want to keep.

    You already know how to do most of the rest...Don
    HAF 932 Adv, PC P&C 950w, ASUS R4E,i7-3820 5.0GHz(MCR320-XP 6 fans wet), GTX 970 FTW
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    I feel your pain. At the age of only (almost) 60, I find myself preferring 2D panels. But the virtual panels definitely are more realistic. I started out with flightsim in the 1980's with the Commodore VIC-20, then the Commodore 64 and then (!) the Commodore Amiga, running FSII, by SubLogic. Today's flightsim is so awesome, I never could have predicted back then how realistic it would be today. Of course, another 20 years and we'll surely be looking at today's FSX as primitive.
    The main reason I responded is because my dad was a pilot with Alaska Airlines from 1946 till 1971. He died in an at-home accident, unrelated to flight, in 1971, at the age of 46. Yesterday, April 29th, would have been his 88th birthday. In everyone's minds, he'll be forever young.
    You were part of his generation. You guys are the best! Dad flew in what was fictionally depicted as "With Wings As Eagles", where we flew the Jews out of harms way in the book, Exodus. And he flew in the Berlin airlift. He was also, before joining Alaska Airlines, a genuine bush pilot in Alaska. My mom & dad met in 1950 - She as a stewardess and he as a pilot (for Alaska Airlines). My older brother was born in 1951, then me in 1953.
    Dad had a great social life with other pilots & families, back in the sixties. Sure would like to touch base with some of them now. But a high school friend of mine, who's the daughter of another ASA pilot and has been a long-time Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant, says they're all dead now. My mom, turning 87 this summer agrees - they're all gone.
    But YOU're here, so that proves that the whole generation is not gone.
    Sure would love to hear some stories.
    Loren Cole
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    I made a stab at that Don. I tried it with the Mooney. But I wasn 't able to replicate the Moony's 2D panel. To get the panel wide enough to hold all the instruments in the 2D panel I lose outside visison, even when removing the cowling (which puts the propeller arc out in front of the plane. If I keep the outside vision the panel isn;t large enough for the instruments. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

    But the point of this thread isn't trying to make VCs work for the senior set with vision problems. It's about marketing. To me buying a plane without a 2D panel is incomplete...a fixer-upper. It's a deal breaker for me.

    A lot of people in my retired age group have funds to spend on our hobbies that were earmarked for other things when we were working. But if you want that money you have to cater to us too.

    It's not that big a deal really. There are lots of planes with 2D panels. And much of my hobby budget goes to Orbx sceneries anyway.

    Playing with panels and making scenery is not a big part of the hobby for me anymore. Actual flying is.

    Please, no more work-arounds. l made my point and it's time to close this thread.


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    Loren, there used to be a guy here, a good friend of mine, by the name of Jesse Callahan, who flew Mustangs during WW2. After the war he flew C-97s from California to Japan and for a while, when stationed in Arizona, spent week-ends moonlighting by flying tourists over the Grand Canyon in a Ford TriMotor. He's in his 90s now and he just can't see well enough to sim anymore.

    A few of you might remember Captain Bala, a senior pilot for India Airlines. He was a regular here on the forums. He flew jumbo jets around the world. He brought his family to the United States several years ago and spent a weekend with us. He had some amazing stories to tell of flying MIGs in the Indian Air Force. We stayed up almost all night swapping war stories. Captain Bala suffered a stroke a couple years ago and no longer flies. His son is carryng on the tradition. He took his flight training in Texas and before he went back to India to fly for an airline there he was fortunate to spend the summer flyng a B-17 warbrid around the country. We called has father Bala because none of us could pronounce his real name.

    Last summer a woman who was in my National Guard unit and married to an airline pilot came to visit us for a week-end. They flew out in their American Yankee. He took me up that Sunday and I got what was probably my last half hour of stick time. My landing was a bit less than perfect. But I could still fly a real airplane.

    I spend a lot of time flying FSX. With Orbx scenery as real as it gets is probably as real as it's ever gonna get, at least as long as I'm still active. I don't fly outside the Orbx areas anymore.

    We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the person who makes all this possible. Without the forums and the downloads here many of us would have drifted off long ago. Thanks Nels


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    To quote from the title of a very old movie "To Each His Own".

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    You're right Bud. Sometimes we grumpy old curmudgeons get carried away.

    My dad was 6 years old when the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight at Kitty Hawk. He lived to see man walk on the moon. That's an enormous leap in technology in one man's lifetime. I'm beginning to feel like he must have felt because it's changing even faster now.

    I don't have an iPod or iPad or whatever you call them. I don't have a tablet. I don't have a smart phone. I'm not smart enough to use one. Back in the days of DOS and Windows 3.1 I was pretty good with a computer. Today I take it to a computer shop when I want a new video card installed or swap out a hard drive.

    It's time to sit on the fence and watch what happens instead of trying to adapt.

    I'm living in the wake turbulence of a century that's rapidly passing me by.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hurst View Post
    Hmmm, I feel a great urge to argue
    I'd be interested in hearing it Mark, especially given that zoom = 1.0 can't mean much else apart from 1.0.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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