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Thread: CFS 1 config changes

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    Default CFS 1 config changes

    I just got another copy of CFS and have been playing around with it. I think these questions have been answered in the past but the search function does not seem to turn them up. I seem to remember there were several changes to the combatfs.cfg file to make things work better.

    1. My CH rudder pedals only show up as aileron, elevator and throttle, can this be changed in the cfg file?

    2. I seem to remember a cfg mod to allow the use of toe brakes in cfs. I can't seem to find the exact coding for it though.

    3. Will FSUIPC work in cfs? I have an older registered version, but it is circa 2002. I have not been able to get it to so far, maybe I need an older version. If I can't get it to work then question number one is moot because my pedals have a lot of noise in them and are useless without FSUIPC. Possibly I might get them to work with the null zone settings in CFS if I new how to map the rudders to them.

    4. Any other "standard" mods that should be done in the cfg?

    Thanks in advance for help on any or all of these.

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    fsuipc certainly works in cfs1 .there is a scenery editor built into
    cfs1 and 4 cheats e.g.
    this lets you slew in mission or quick combat mode
    cant remember cfg entries for[layout tool]
    thefreeflightsite is the 'hotbed' of cfs1 stuff

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