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Thread: Training and ratings for newcomers at ATO

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    We are offering training and assistance for newcomers to flight sim. You also will get your VATSIM pilot ratings while in training. We are located at and are a VATSIM authorized ATO. We can assist you with everything from taking off to FMC's along with flying online and communicating with ATC. All of our instructors have many hours on flight sim and most are VATSIM certified controllers as well. For those with experience we have a fast track for your VATSIM pilot ratings coming up on April 27th at 2200z.
    James E.
    VP Operations

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    Why can't I find I've seen post about how they have come in with VATSIM, and are now offering pilot training, but I can't find how to join.........Help!!

    Anyone that knows anything about, please send me a personal email with information......Thanks

    [email protected]
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